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Cyber Essentials UK

By achieving Cyber Essentials, you will reassure your clients that you take security seriously. Once you have self-certified, you can then further increase your cybersecurity by moving up to Cyber Essentials Plus, which is independently verified by ‘Certifying Bodies’ - like Cyber Tec Security.


Cyber Assurance Global

Cyber Assurance is risk based and includes key aspects of security such as incident response, asset management, people management, physical controls and GDPR compliance.


Secure your business by reducing the risk of breach by 80% 

Many SMEs tend to believe they are safe with simple firewalls or anti-virus software. With Cyber Essentials, you can guarantee to significantly reduce your risk of being breached by 80%. 


Avoid hefty GDPR fines post-breach 

It is impossible to be 100% secure and guarantee to avoid breaches but with Cyber Essentials Plus certification, you can successfully prove to the Information Commissioner’s Office that your business made a significant effort to protect client data and avoid having to pay up to 4% of your global turnover.


Level One certification is the first step along the certification pathway for Cyber Assurance.

For the Level One certification, organisations are given access to a secure portal to complete their application and provide details against the Question Set.


Cyber Assurance Level Two involves an audit of your processes, procedures and controls required by the standard. 

You will need to have completed the Cyber Assurance Level One certification before you can progress to the Level 2 audit.

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