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Secure Your Emails, Inside and Out

Stop inbox attacks and data breaches without the siloed approach of traditional security tools. Going beyond the limitations of secure email gateways (SEGs) by offering a unified platform that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365.

Protect against incoming and outgoing threats, including phishing, malware, and data exfiltration. Gain deeper visibility with comprehensive email security reporting that reveals organisational and human vulnerabilities.

Empower your employees with real-time, personalised security training delivered directly within their email workflow. By helping you build a security culture, reduce risk, and keep your data safe.

4D background

Stop up to 97% more attacks

Inbound email threats have evolved. Account compromise and advanced phishing techniques mean that increasing numbers of attacks get through the signature-based detection used by Microsoft 365 and secure email gateways (SEGs).

We take a zero-trust approach to inbound threat detection, inspecting every email into your organization using machine learning models and natural language processing to detect anomalies.

Uncover 10x more data breaches than previously reported

The static data loss prevention (DLP) solutions provided by Microsoft 365 and SEGs cannot detect the anomalies in human behavior that result in accidental breaches and data exfiltration. They also can’t scale to support the modern enterprise.

We use contextual machine learning and social graph technologies to deeply understand individuals’ behavior by analyzing the people and groups they share data with, and the content they usually share.

We only prompt users when we detect an anomaly in their normal behavioral patterns and can block exfiltration entirely.

Real-time teachable moments that change people’s behavior

When people are in Type 1 thinking they act instinctively and unconsciously. Delivered periodically and using generic content, traditional training programs are unable to influence people’s behavior at the point of risk and nudge them into Type 2 thinking.

Using intelligent technology, we deliver real-time teachable moments that alert users to genuine threats and provide a clear explanation of risky behaviors.

The only cloud email security platform to use an adaptive security model

Continually assessing and understanding human risk is the only way to predict future threats. Enriched with this granular data, which calculates an aggregated human risk score for each individual user.

Using these risk scores, administrators will be able to effectively determine the overall risk posture of their organization and gain insight into risk and threat trends.

When a risk score reaches this limit, products in the Intelligent Email Security platform will automatically dial up their security controls to protect against future threats and positively influence people’s behavior.

Detecting the threats that Microsoft 365 miss

Our intelligent technology integrates seamlessly into Microsoft 365, detecting the phishing threats that get through its native security and preventing advanced data loss caused by human error and exfiltration.

We deliver real-time alerts and guidance directly within the mailbox, enabling people to respond to genuine risks in real-time.

Our software is fast to deploy and easy to manage, increasing the time to value and providing instant risk mitigation.

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